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Wanting you 

​You’re the sunshine 

Who grants me positive vibes every morning

You’re the brightest star
In the sky of my life

You’re those trees who swing in monsoon
Who are tough yet cheerful
You’re like the autumn
Who indoctrinate that sometimes
Even falls are beautiful

You’re the dazzling and the most
Striking flower in my eyes
During the spring
You’re like the summer breeze
Who hits the body and calms the soul

You’re the favourite person
I sit beside in front of bonfire in the winter
You’re only one whom I want
Everyday Every night and every season

                                              -the scribbler 

                                         -Nishigandha Rawal 

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​Hello fellow bloggers

This is first time I’m directly interacting with you guys so let me introduce myself  so I’m Nishigandha Rawal I live in beautiful country that is india in the  city of dreams that is mumbai I’m 18 year old and I like sketching, reading ,travelling & writing of course

 it’s my pleasure being a part of the  WordPress family, honestly when I started my blogging I was little nervous whether people will appreciate me or not will they make fun of my writing cause it was the first time I was publishing my write up
So  I opened my blog on wordpress before 5 months and I am really happy that people appreciated my writing I know 100 followers are not much but trust me I hardly expected 20 so for me it’s a huge number
Writing makes me happy and not in the wildest dreams I’ll quit blogging you people inspire me in many ways I grew as an writer cause I am surrounded by many fantastic writers who have are excellent in there writing skills and I’m glad you appreciate my work and suggest me things share you’re views in the comment box that realky makes me happy and take out time for reading out my article which somewhere makes me proud of what I’m doing and the amazing part is my write ups aren’t just read by the citizens of my country but people across the world thank you so to one & all 

100followers really gave me perfect feeling of personal accomplishment and  is milestone and I promise to continue my work in future with same spirit thank you 

(P.S I’m not able to write more I am really happy ) 
                         -Nishigandha Rawal 

Why we don’t want to be India’s daughter’s? 

We are Indians with pride we call our country the mother land which means our land is considered as woman the most incredible creation of God in our country from the ancient period women are given the status of goddess like laxmi, Durga, saraswati etc in that same country women’s are stalked, raped, are victim of acid attack, victim of domestic violence let’s not get into the list cause it’s innumerable 

Rape a word with so much pain, guilt shame, torcher etc which means a sexual assault by a men on women which is also known as forceful sex
There are various types of rapes such as date rape, gang rape , war rape , rape of children, serial rape etc in which common type is date  rape
In india the national crime record bureau (NCRB)  keeps the reord of crime happening in our country
Sadly our capital of india the Delhi leads in rapes followed by cities like mumbai, jaipur, pune etc according to the 2011 24,206 women are raped according to 2012 24,923 women are raped, according to 2013 33,707 women are raped and this numbers are shooting up to an great extent which means IN EVERY 20 MINS A WOMEN IS BEING RAPED IN INDIA  which means 93 women are being raped every day if this goes on the country is  going to end up being a mess
●On 23 February 2016
Women after giving birth to the child was raped in the hospital
●On 8th March 2016
Women’s day 15 year old was raped and burnt to death
● A girl was raped in jaganath temple
● A man a police constable raped 15 year old girl in nashik
● A man raped a three year old baby girl in hyderabad

From the above situation what do we understand what are we waiting for its already a alarming situation that girl or women could be your mother,sister,girlfriend, wife or your child it’s high time we take a prompt action we all are responsible for this situation as an citizen of india not only the government
The government has an excellent law’s which are as follows :-
● according to 354A  if you are harassing a girl the improsment is for 1 year
● according to 376A  20 years jail if the rape victim is raped and then died

Is that enough ? Is this a punishment for the men who spoiled the entire life of a women who not only destroyed her physically but mentally also who didn’t only
ruin her life but also forced them to accept death. Who made a world cage for her is this what the daughters of our mother land (India ) deserve? when asked for causes mens blame women for there dressing manner  they say wearing small skirts make them rape women .is it? Then why was the 3 year old raped? Why was the 3 months old raped ? Why? I know the answer why is it so cause the short cloth is not the reason but the dirty mind is the person who wants to rape rapes the girl in burkha also the whole body covered costume and also rapes a girl in bikini in the country where the police body is meant for the safety are involved in this crime then where should a women expect help from? Where should she file case and against whom the police itself ? In the above case a police Constable raped a 15 year old girl now tell me are this cops trust worthy about more then 90% of the cases are not being registered if they are then what next the women are asked so inhuman questions in the court that makes her question existence of  humanity still the rapists lives an peaceful life can’t the government adopt a strict punishment? can’t the law be strict so that crime can be lessen ? In our indian law why martial rape is fine ? Isn’t it the ladies wish to have sex or not or it’s just the men the supreme head decides everything oh! Yes! We live in a country where more then 90% families are patriarchal .it does not end up hear a women refused for having sex in 3rd day of her mestural cycle her husband raped her which lead her to death
Whenever you call our country a motherland try to understand the pain of womb

                                          The scribbler 

                                      – Nishigandha Rawal  


The sun is bright

The sky is clear
My heart leads me there
Where the tides are high
And negativity is low

Where plam trees
Swing with happiness
Where scars are healed
With salty water
And where white waves
reaches out for you
Where every sea shell
Narrates it’s own story

Where every castle is
Dragged into the ocean
With an wave of joy
Where feets senses
A kiss by the sand

A place where breeze
Feels like home away from home
A place where only positivity
Is inhaled and negativity is exhaled
In every breaths

5 years strong 💪 

Hello to my fellow bloggers this piece is of a bone which is really special to me I’m really overwhelmed with joy today so thought of sharing it with you 

It has exactly been 5 years  60 months 360 weeks 1825 days 53776 hours 1314000 minutes & 157784630 seconds 

Before 5 yrs exactly on the same day our eyes meet 👀our heart felt and soul catched fire the way we felt love for each other later the meets increased the distance between us decreased we felt warmth in our togetherness 💏we felt comfort just the way you turn you’re arms around me and I felt home although it’s been 5 years but I still feel like I meet you yesterday I still get those butterflies I still blush 😌I still look down when you into my eyes everything is just the same as it ws on the 1st day💑
In you’re eyes I saw life when I dint feel alive I felt love when I dint believe in it you’re  my saviour in the battle of lyf you’re my beacon light in dark the only person I look upto no matter what the only person who’s worth everything the distance the fights the waiting just everything you have always been there for me no matter what and you’ll always be thanks for being my constant ❤💯
It’s crazy how we can talk for the whole day and never get tired of each other’s company we have our inside jokes at times we go totally mad toghther you’re just my all in one package I have my best friend in you my soul mate my sunshine & my enemy too 💕👅
I truly adore you for everything you are the way you conduct yourself in front of other the way you talk to people your perseverance I still see innocence in your eyes the one which kids have your humble and kind soul and I am so proud to have you in my life 💜 you’re smile just lights up my world 🔦
I can’t express through words what you mean to me 💘 thank you for holding me up when the storm passed
I have everything that everyone ask for I am really blessed to have you I feel contented when you are around me

♡||5 years strong 💪& forever to go👫||♡

That night changed her 

And again the night stood before her she went to bed and all those memories flashed back in front her eyes as tears rolled down her eyes she knew she had to face everything on her own she rolled down on bed for hours and still could not sleep the room was filled with darkness just like her life was she got out of bed yelled screamed and questioned herself don’t I deserve any love ? All she got was heartthrob her heart didn’t answer any question nor did the brain corporate she banged herself on wall and pushed herself to d ground she begged for love and a good life she narrated all her story to the pillow tht night n got to bed again while sobbing she spoke to herself should I quit? That’s when the guardian angel or the inner voice spoke out NO it said NEVER life is the beautiful gift of God and you are lucky to have it and bad day’s don’t make the life bad you need to grow strong learn to stand for yourself and fight your own war’s and become own’s saviour you aren’t a failure to quit you are strong and strong is beautiful and remember strong walls only shake but never collapse

As the gaps between us increased and so did the wounds   

                                    -Nishigandha Rawal


The warmth of there hug
The care in there heart
Oh ! There love so divine

She thought me chant prayers
Because of her I believe in God
He took me around the streets
Told about the world outside the house

She cooked various dishes
And pampered me with joy
He told me you have
Wings and you can fly

They taught me what
Books could never teach
They taught me to be brave and kind
They heard my unspoken words
When words failed to explain
They’re prefect picture of
Forever can last 

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