Forever is a promise 

​ Phuuu Phuuu they blewed the candle toghther it was their 40th anniversary today ” your fresh baked cake tastes the same as they used too” Johan said,” just like your love remained constant all over the years”replied Alice as they sat down on coach re explored their memory box  “this is my favorite picture he said to Alice this was when we fought for days about whether we should send Alex to hostel or not (Alex was there one an only daughter now she is 32 years old)as it was her birthday on that day and so you were forced to click the picture with me”, Alice smiled and she as continuing the conversation she said” you remember that day ?when you constantly came late from your workplace and I was so frustrated and removed all the anger on you and you started hating me for that and it felt like everything will fall apart but then we both understood our mistake and said sorry that was the day when I realised that to make something last forever you need make efforts love has to win over your ego”, Johan continued love is indeed most beautiful thing in the world but you need to trust each other stand for one another love each other despite of each other flaws and never ever give up on one another”,Alice hugged Johan and whispered I love you honey 

(And they had there dinner toghther )
                               –Nishigandha Rawal 


The picture in front of the window 

Suddenly got alive,
The showers of blessings
Showered from above

When the rain drops
Meet the mother earth
Mother earth unrolled
The aroma of good vibe

There was something
magical in the sky
And rainbows were
Perfect example of one 

Staying in blanket for
 hours increased
The hot coffee mug became
The perfect start for the day

Now puddles were occupied
With small paper boats,
The fancy umbrellas invited

 vibrant atmosphere 

There was wonderfulness
In the air which no other
Weather could ever give
                         -Nishigandha Rawal

Dear parents, 

​May be being parent by be but being a child isn’t easy too keeping your child under extrem pressure , stricting boundaries may give you feeling of superiority and you may feel that you’re correct being that cause for you my happiness was always secondary and your respect in the society was much important to you,that socitey which is going to be by your side who was there to drag you down, who talks shit about you behind you’re back, yes !that’s what matters to you more then my life 
More then 2 and half month I am dumped in the house being in a cage sucks but maybe that’s what’s give you feeling of happiness you may say you get everything but .A cage is a cage may it be of gold or decorated with precious jewels it’s suffocating here I hardly could breath every breath for me is hard I wish my breaths stops .I know I’m different from others I want to crawl ,walk ,fall and fly ,but never want to stop I want to fly experience the outer world i just sont want to gaze the world from a window but actually experience it feel every moment but you decided to chop my wings and locked me in the cage to show the god damn society that you can control your kid you may have locked me but you can’t  stop my hope stop me from living a life  that I dreamed of by be I can’t do it with both my body and soul but undoubtedly my soul will live each moment and live life to the fullest

But that time You would be left with regret that wish you had left me free you would lose your bird anytime cause time is getting hard and I don’t think I can survive anymore and when my body will leave my soul don’t put it inside a box cause I never wanted to be inside the box rather outside it and don’t forget to tell your realtives and the other people you won and celebrate your wining on the day I die 

                                  Your daughter,  

                             -Nishigandha Rawal 

A talk in front of the mirror 

​I know I took you for granted,I didn’t give importance to you at all,I allowed to be slave in the hands of the society I totally trapped you in the clutches of what others will thing I thought more of what they’ll think then what you wanted, but I tell you to be ALIVE
Breathe more often, go wild, live you’re life on your own terms and conditions set goals yourself do what your heart says set your own limitations be honest with own self don’t be harsh be gentle and kind because you deserve it you deserve to live the life that you dreamed of love yourself more often love your scars, love the every curve of the body may be you  would be fat skinny never let anyone dull the best curve that is your precious  smile ,self acceptance is only way to grow your self esteem accept your flaws you’re beautiful the way you are atleast you aren’t plastic unlike others you aren’t ugly but socitey is, the day you accept yourself you’re going to conquer the world trust me when I say that live your life to the fullest cause you never know when it will end                         -Nishigandha Rawal 💖 

The coffee shop conversation 

Today’s newspaper front page story caught my eyes a girl from ūDelhi university was raped my gang of male friends it said 

I belonged to the same university I was on the way to coffee shop my friends were waiting for me we were just hanging out I entered the coffee shop I heard the were talking about the girl who was raped pooja the girl from the economics department ,second year
I sat down and got along with the conversation and questioned “how did this happen ?” ” She was asked by her friend who she meet 1 week ago this guy rohit asked her to join them for the house party which was in the outskirts of the city in his farmhouse “mithila explained adding up jay continued “and this was a night party, pooja was a small town girl” I questioned “didn’t she had sense to say No to the guy which she meet a week  ago ? ” “This is india especially Delhi the rape capital of the country i know only she isn’t at fault obviously the bastards  are but then she should have some sense at night house party she I going with someone who she just known from week and partying with unknown crowd I find nosense in it honestly ”
(I took a deep breath both methila and jay agreed to my opinion and we left the coffee shop )
                   -Nishigandha Rawal 

Stand for yourself 

Shayna wore the little black dress and applied some make up and got ready it was her bestfriendds birthday today, it was 8pm as she got out of the room and  she headed towards downstairs while her mom asked “her is this what you’re wearing tonight?”” yes of courses!” she answered but “don’t you think it’s too short for you ?”she questioned “No I don’t think so “she said with a grin she waited for the male friend jay as he was going to pick her up from her place 

5 mins passed and she was waiting for him outside her villa as people from her nighbourhood passed they gave her a creepy look
Finally jay had arrived ……..
She got in the car the sharma aunty next door saw her while getting in but shayna gave her a friendly look and wayed her hand
But sharma anuty had anger on her face while she murmmed to herself “what’s going on in our society I need to meet her mom next morning”

Shayana reached the restaurant and got down out the car and ran towards her bestfriend priya to wish her happy birthday she and her rest of the friends had there food together and clicked many pictures which was later posted on social networking sites by her friends and herself too

She wayed at everyone and greeted priya happy birthday again” how are you going back?” priya asked her out of worry “don’t worry I’ll drop her home” jay replied 
They reached at shayna’s place “thank you “she said while he gave jay a friendly hug “my pleasure” jay replied
This senario was been recorded Mrs sharmaShayna closed the door and went in her room to sleep

The next morning she heard Sharma aunties voice she with gupta anuty and few other ladies from the society gathered in her living room she heard from the upstairs there conversation they were telling her mom that this is a decent society everyone here have high reputation in the society
Shayana couldn’t stop herself and she headed towards living
She said “sorry to interrupt you all but I have speak ,look I’m 19 and I’m an adult an the society does not belong to you only and about that guy you all are complaining he’s just my good friend and Mrs sharma oh anuty was it really important for to record all this what are you trying to prove?”
All the aunties said “but ,beta we care for you and you were also wearing that lityke dress but its ok we saw and we know you belong to good family but ,what about the society? ”
she replied “I know my parents taught me to respect elders and I  am not disrespecting anyone I am just standing for myself firstly you really don’t need to care about me when I was born to care about my own and sharma anuty gupta anuty what do you think aren’t to you’re son and daughter anyone into anything but it’s ok, I understand the meaning of personal space and i respect everyone’s personal space, today world is changing I hope you’re attitude too changes.”
(This was not less than eye opener for the aunties Shayana truly was success changing the thinking process of serotype and they were shameful for there act)

Girls unless and until you don’t speak up the conditions aren’t going to change and every girl born on this society has right to live the life they deserve and whatever you do ,society is going to judge you anyway as society never forgets to mock up when you try to fly the just know to jubge girls character with the cloths she wore the way she behaves the people she stay with I don’t know what’s wrong with this society why can’t they just do little favour on us and mind there own business. 

                                    The scribbler, 

                     – Nishigandha Rawal